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Sleep Apnea Services Near Aledo, TX

Sweet, Restful Sleep for Aledo

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Do you snore loudly? Has your partner expressed concern that you sometimes seem to stop breathing during the night? It is possible that you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Seeking diagnosis and treatment is vital for your overall health and may have a big, positive effect on your everyday quality of life. Dr. Romack and our team are here to help. Just make the short drive to our office to experience our effective sleep apnea services near Aledo.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

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While there are a few different types of sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common. It is a condition wherein the tissues in the upper airway block the free flow of air at night, resulting in repeated pauses in breathing. These pauses may occur dozens or even hundreds of times each night. Such frequent disruptions to a person’s sleep cycle make it impossible for them to get the high-quality rest their body needs to function and feel its best.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

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A CPAP machine is the most commonly prescribed treatment for sleep apnea, but a custom oral appliance is an excellent alternative option for many patients. The appliance is a small, mouthguard-like device that moves the lower jaw slightly forward. This subtle repositioning helps to keep the airway open so patients can enjoy unobstructed breathing throughout the night. Dr. Romack has undergone extensive training in dental sleep medicine and is highly qualified to provide patients with oral sleep appliances.

Combined Therapy

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Some patients benefit the most from a combined form of sleep apnea treatment. They use both an oral appliance and a CPAP machine. This is advantageous because the oral appliance allows patients to turn down the setting on their machine, resulting in a quieter experience. It also eliminates the need for them to wear a full facial mask. Studies have found that combined therapy is often much more effective than using a CPAP machine on its own.

At-Home Sleep Testing

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Before you can receive effective treatment for OSA, you must receive an official diagnosis. Dr. Romack can help you by sending you home with an easy-to-use sleep monitoring machine. You simply use the machine as instructed for one night, and it will record details about the quality of your sleep. Then, you will return the machine to us, and your general physician or another doctor will analyze the results. If it is determined that you have OSA, you’ll be able to start exploring your treatment options.

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