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Snoring Treatment in Weatherford, TX

We all snore from time to time -- sickness or stress are common factors that can cause temporary snoring. But when you or a loved one suffer from loud, chronic snoring, you know you’ve got a real problem. Snoring can severely disrupt sleep, and its effects are felt in the form of sleepiness, headaches or difficulty concentrating throughout the day.

If you or someone you’re close to are dealing with the exhausting side effects of chronic snoring, you need to seek a solution immediately. Fortunately, effective snoring treatment can be found right here at Weatherford Dental Sleep Medicine!

All About Snoring: Its Causes and Treatment

Snoring usually occurs when the tongue or lower jaw become so relaxed during sleep that they collapse back into the airway, blocking the proper flow of air. It’s actually a condition known as sleep apnea -- and the blockage caused by sleep apnea is what causes that terribly familiar snoring sound.

There is good news for the chronic snorers in our community: Weatherford Dental Sleep Medicine offers a wonderful treatment option known as a customized oral appliance to help you stop snoring.

It may help to think of this option as the type of mouthguard athletes wear. The customized oral appliance works by holding the jaw and tongue in place during sleep, preventing their collapse and the subsequent snoring, so you and your loved ones can experience the sweet relief of a full night’s sleep once again.

Advantages of Customized Oral Appliances

Patients who have found relief from this treatment option through our Weatherford office know the benefits of the customized oral sleep appliance are numerous. Some include:

These are just a few of the many advantages you can enjoy when you seek treatment for your snoring or sleep apnea in Weatherford. Don't wait to enjoy a full night’s sleep, every single night!

Reclaim Your Eight Hours of Sleep with Snoring Treatment

At Weatherford Dental Sleep Medicine, we pride ourselves on providing you with all the benefits of a dental practice you might find in Dallas or Fort Worth -- but in a warm, caring office where we greet you with your name as soon as you walk through the door.

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